May 28

YA Scavenger Hunt Lucky #67



“Welcome to Port #67 of the YA Scavenger Hunt!”

I hope you’ve already discovered a new favorite author, scored a boatload of free books, and signed up to win a whole bunch of epic prizes! As a reward for all your hard work scavenging so far, I am giving away two Sizzling Summer Young Adult Hardcovers!

  1. CLICK HERE to locate the next super duper secret keyword for the short story and to enter to win the hardcovers.

    (Hint: secret keyword is BOLD, RED, CAPS!) Good luck! Even if you don’t win, I will send you a free ecopy of Immurement, my award-winning young adult post-apocalyptic book, just for entering!

  2. Come back here and follow the map to find the next keyword #68!
  3. Remember you need to visit each site, collect the story keywords, and then sign up for the contest here. (If you didn’t manage to find my word yet, it is BECAME.)

To learn more about my turbo-paced young adult fiction thrill rides, check out my Amazon page here. Or click the image below to learn more about me and my beautiful home country!


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    1. Just click in the blog post where it says CLICK HERE in blue. It will lead you to the secret word (Hint: BOLD, RED, CAPS) Good luck!

      1. I clicked on it but it just took me to the giveaway and I entered but forgot to look for the word?

  1. You have to make sure that you find the word before you enter the giveaway. I fell into the same trap. I entered the giveaway and then there’s no way to go back to the page that has the word. It always takes you to the confirmed entry part. But thanks for the giveaway!

      1. I can’t get to the secret word either. My entry is confirmed. Please post it on the main site.

        1. I added the word to the blog post for those of you who missed it on the giveaway page. 🙂 Good luck!

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