Why I write

Why I Write

  • November 17, 2015

Writer, why I write

This past few weeks I’ve been running on ink fumes as I prepare to launch my first book into the Amazonic stratosphere. Self-publishing takes an enormous amount of work and concentrated effort, not to mention an intravenous caffein drip. From deep diving into the dashboard of the Facebook Power Editor for ads (warning: harmful to health) to emailing everyone with a pulse and a stylus in the blogosphere for a review, it begs the question why do I write at all?

  • Self-flagellation?

  • Cheap hobby?

  • Because the people in my head bully me into making them immortal?

After pondering it over it’s pretty obvious that, despite the pen-pusher lows that are an inevitable part of the journey, writing fires me up and makes me come alive. Maybe it’s a power thing. I can give my characters their hearts’ desire and take it away from them in the very next scene. I can kidnap people without being arrested for it, and force them to embark on jaw-dropping Baggins-like adventures. I can kill, save, and endow at will, with a few decisive strokes on my Macbook keyboard, or a deep-toned Dragon dictation decree.

Joking aside, I did manage to boil down the reasons I write to a few succinct points that confirmed I’m doing what I need to be doing:

  • I write because writing is where my passion and strengths intersect

  • I write because creativity is an integral part of who I am

  • I write because my art has the power to move another human being

  • I write because not writing is toxic to my spirit

  • I write because I don’t want to go to the grave with my song still in me

  • I write because I’m wired to dissect issues and clarify my ideas through the written word

  • I write because it’s how I best shape, inspire and contribute to the world I live in

In his article Writers Don’t Write to Get Published, Jeff Goins says that writing is a sacred act of creation. All art has a mysterious power to engage the emotions, nourish, heal, motivate, influence, connect with, and change the world around us. Art is for sharing, and when you give the words you create to the world, you write your story in indelible ink.

Calling all voluntary prisoners of the pen, why do you write?

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