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What character are you in a dystopian novel?


Dystopian Heroine Quiz

Are you as obsessed with personality quizzes as I am? Turns out I’m an ARCHITECT, and it says a lot about my writing and reading interests—and how I’d fight the power in a dystopian or post-apocalyptic situation. I’ve been thinking a lot about the different dystopian characters out there and having fun coming up with combinations. Take the free quiz here and see how you fit into a dystopian resistance novel like Divergent, The Hunger Games, and other awesome YA dystopian novels. Would you subvert authority in an underground newspaper or plan a lethal assassination at the country’s capital?


Architect (INTJ) – You are a strategic, logical thinker. When you are presented with a complex situation, you begin by pondering what your opponent is going to do next so you can exploit their weaknesses by outmaneuvering them. In the wake of a dystopian situation, you are definitely on the side of the resistance as the architect of complex power plays and scenarios. You are in charge of creating the blueprint for a takeover.

Logician (INTP) – You are a discoverer, someone who thirsts for knowledge and finds new ways to make scientific progress—or at least to venture into the uncharted territory of that secondhand bookstore at the far end of town! In a dystopian society, your talents are most needed in coordinating efforts to reach out to other lands or secluded areas of the country. Resistance armies like those in YA dystopian novels need to gather support and rally the disaffected to their cause. You are the one for the job.

Commander (ENTJ) – You’re a natural leader. You know how to get people to listen to you. You’re inspiring and motivating. Your position is undoubtedly at the front of the resistance army! Fearless and bold, you’re in charge of keeping members of the rebellion confident and lethal. Up for the challenge?

Debater (ENTP) – You never say no to a cerebral argument or an intellectual challenge. Your job in a dystopian resistance is to enact some sort of diplomacy and try to turn cabinet members or other high-ranking members of the dystopian cabinet. You’re very convincing and know how to persuade others in a rational way. You’re our all-star debater!


Advocates (INFJ) – You’re the Dumbledore or Gandalf of the resistance army. The resistance needs a guide and someone to be the mystical inspiration, and as you are wise beyond your years, people often turn to you for wisdom and guidance. In a dystopian YA novel, you’re the one to deliver some cryptic food for thought and give the speech in the darkest hour to rally the troops. Everyone comes to you for advice when things look bleak.

Mediator (INFP) – Yep, you guessed it – you’re the peacemaker. You are a pro at mediating between people in the heat of an argument. When they’re in a crisis, you’re needed to come in and break things up as the “parlay” negotiator. In a dystopian novel, you’re the one to go back and forth between two sides to try and strike a compromise. You are the critical liaison in all negotiations.

Protagonist (ENFJ) – Sometimes it seems like your life is a novel or a movie, and you’re starring in someone else’s story. Peril and adventure just seem to naturally gravitate to you. In a dystopian novel, you’re the anchor of the story, and you’re the hero’s face the resistance puts on signs and apparel. You’re a symbol of hope, and people are drawn to your symbolic power.

Campaigner (ENFP) – People don’t naturally want to form some kind of resistance to dystopian rule in a time and place where their lives are threatened. For you, this is simply an opportunity to get out there and GOTV or Get Out the Vote. You’re very persuasive and extremely enthusiastic, so combining those two into a campaign manager role for the resistance is the perfect fit for you. You rally the forces with ease.


Logistician (ISTJ) – You are very reliable and very logical. You’re the stats person. When you’re reading an article, you are naturally drawn to the graphs and tables because you love analyzing data. In a dystopian novel, you’re a great asset when it comes to researching the dystopian regime, and finding out what level of support the resistance has. You effortlessly crunch the numbers and estimate the odds.

Defender (ISFJ) – You’re vital at the forefront of the fray. You offer terrific moral and physical support. In a dystopian novel, you perform best at the front of the charge battling back enemies who are targeting the hero or the protagonist. Off the battlefield you never rest; penning editorial letters or distributing bootleg manifestos in the name of the cause. You are always the last one standing!

Executive (ESTJ) – Sure, there are awe-inspiring fighters and people who might be good at combat strategies, but somebody has to coordinate it all and lead the operation. You have incredible project management skills and can help break down the strategy of the mission into actionable steps. You are the mind mapper for the resistance.

Consul (ESFJ) – You are similar to the Advocate, but you have more practical skills. You are the rational, objective adviser in a complex dystopian scenario. Well-informed and able to see all sides of an argument, you are gifted with wisdom, and a valued member of the counsel. You’re also the person everyone trusts.


Virtuoso (ISTP) – You love to build things and create new weapons, gear, and equipment. In a dystopian novel, your engineering skills are best used to devise new methods of fighting, and train people in fencing or combat. You also craft subtle weapons, like a necklace that carries a lethal poison for an assassination attempt. You are the inventor for the resistance.

Adventurer (ISFP) – You are fearless. You boldly go forth when everyone else falters. In a dystopian novel, you’re the one willing to take the plunge, test out new territories, and get a feel for the land. Just like Katniss Everdeen, you’re a great volunteer because you have a boundless curiosity and you’re not afraid to sacrifice yourself. You are a true frontier warrior!

Entrepreneur (ESTP) – If someone were to give you a pile of dirt, you’d find a way to transform it into a pile of gold. You have a natural business mind and are very opportunistic. In a dystopian situation, you quickly figure out how to trade what you have for what you need. You take what little supplies, people, and skills the resistance have and leverage the resources. For you, the “impossible” doesn’t really exist.

Entertainer (ESFP) – You have a natural charm and an easy way about you and can always make people laugh with a timely joke in a tense scenario. You feel like it’s your job to keep people’s spirits up, and you know how to read a crowd. In a dystopian novel, you’re the one to lighten the mood, distract people from the weight of the situation, and keep morale up. Every resistance needs a beloved jester and you play the part so well!

Your turn! Which type of Dystopian heroine are you?


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  1. I’d be an advocate or mediator. My tactics between judging and prospecting is very close so I tend to get either one on tests like this.

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