The Silent Surrogate - Norma Hinkens

The Silent Surrogate

- A psychological suspense thriller -

What if the perfect revenge was built on a lie?

After years of searching, Nora has finally tracked down the woman who destroyed her life. She rents the house next door under an assumed identity, but before she can put her plan for retribution into motion, the woman's mysterious young lodger goes missing. As evidence of foul play mounts, a web of lies begins to unravel, and a shocked community is ripped apart. When the trail to the abductor leads to where no one imagined, Nora discovers that everyone is harboring secrets, and no one can be trusted.

With an innocent life at stake, and hopes for revenge fading fast, Nora faces a harrowing decision that will awaken the dark past she desperately wishes could be undone.

But will the truth she uncovers prove more shocking than the lies she has believed?

- A psychological thriller novella guaranteed to keep you gripped until the finish line! -

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I peer around the kitchen curtain of my new rental as a young woman in a leather mini-skirt exits the granny flat in my next-door-neighbors’ backyard. A volcano of pink hair explodes from her head, the morning sun glinting off the piercings lurking in unexpected places in her flawless features. She throws a darting glance over her shoulder, her nose twitching above scowling, plum-colored lips, before striding off on long, lean legs into the chilly morning. I let the curtain slip back into place, shielding myself from view, the uneasy thud of my heart the only sound in the silence that envelops me. This is an unexpected twist, but I won’t allow her to derail my plans. I’ll make it my business to find out who she is and why she is living in my enemy’s guest house.