The Other Woman - Norma Hinkens

The Other Woman

- A psychological suspense thriller -

Not all secrets are what they seem.

When Bridget spots an elegantly dressed woman leaving her husband’s office late one night, she fears the worst. Her marriage is already strained but things are about to take an even more shocking turn when her family is suddenly torn apart by a horrific crime they all become tangled up in. Her trust is shattered, her husband is on the run, and her son is hiding a dark secret. Bridget’s life has become a dangerous lie and the clock is ticking. 

Who can she trust, when all roads lead back to her husband of twenty years and her fourteen-year-old son?

- An epic thriller that will leave you doubting those you love most! -

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She pressed the key fob to open the trunk and then reached for her grocery bags. Her hand froze midair. She frowned down at the unfamiliar tartan blanket in the trunk of the car. An ominous pulse began to throb in her temple. It wasn’t the blanket as much as the shape beneath it that had stopped her heart in its tracks. A nervous breath caught in her throat as she set the grocery bags back down in the cart. Her trembling fingers stretched toward the blanket. With a darting glance over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching, she flicked one corner aside. Her ears filled with a steady thrumming of blood at the unmistakeable sight. It was her—the other woman.