The Class Reunion | Norma Hinkens

The Class Reunion

- A psychological suspense thriller -

You can run but I will find you.

Working as a successful PI in Los Angeles, Heather Nelson hasn’t seen any of her high school classmates from Iowa in twenty years. When she makes a last minute decision to attend her twentieth reunion, she and her once tight-knit group of friends are surprised at dinner by a delivery of an elaborate forget-me-not floral arrangement. When they open the accompanying card, they are horrified by the ominous message it contains: you deserve to die.

At first, they brush the message off as an elaborate prank by one of their other classmates. But when several of the group come close to death in the weeks following their reunion, they begin to suspect the sender of the message has deadly intentions. One-by-one the friends contact Heather and divulge secrets from their past, convinced that what they are hiding puts them at risk. Fearing for their lives, they beg Heather to return to Iowa and track down the person they believe is trying to kill them all. But her friends only think they know her. Heather is hiding an explosive secret of her own.

Is she really an intended victim in a deadly game of revenge, or a twisted killer?

- An unputdownable brilliant psychological thriller with a mind-blowing murder plot! -

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