The Cabin Below - Norma Hinkens

The Cabin Below

- A psychological suspense thriller -

What happens on the water, stays on the water.

Or so they thought. Allison and her handsome, charismatic husband, Doug, are on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. But the steady stream of idyllic photos and happy hashtags they post online is hiding a dangerous rift in their relationship. Allison has long suspected that Doug is having an affair. Despite his impassioned denials and smooth-talking alibis, she’s unconvinced of his innocence and determined to dig for the truth, no matter the cost.

And she’s not the only one delving into their secrets. The couple they’ve befriended on the cruise has been watching them. And they’ve come to a disturbing conclusion of their own. When Allison disappears the night before the ship docks back in Florida, they bring their terrifying suspicions to the police.

But the truth about Allison’s whereabouts proves even more shocking than anyone imagined.

- An addictive thriller brimming with twists and a stunning conclusion! -

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Misty sucked in a shallow breath, wondering if the wire was sensitive enough to pick up on the nuances of her breathing. She slid a curious glance at her surroundings. Somewhere in a nearby parking lot, Mendoza was waiting in an unmarked van to listen in on her conversation with Doug. This would have to be the greatest performance of her life. Her freedom depended on it. The police suspected Allison hadn’t committed suicide—that she had in fact been murdered and someone had covered it up. They were on a mission to find her killer, and, right now, Misty was in their crosshairs.