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The 5 Best YA Podcasts for Fiction Fans


The explosion of podcasts in recent years means there is programming for everyone, and that includes some of the best YA podcasts for young adult fiction fans. Fans of YA literature can find ample book coverage, including reviews and news, and author interviews in today’s podcast sphere. If you love book talk—writer to writer, reader to reader, reader to writer—get ready to uncover hours and hours of riveting podcasts all about young adult fiction. Grab your earbuds and dive into some of the best YA podcasts out there for young adult fiction readers like yourself.

Best YA Podcasts by YA Authors

1. The Creative Life with Sara Zarr

From 2012-2015, author Sara Zarr conducted interviews with other YA authors about the author life, craft, and some of the opportunities and challenges of writing for children and young adults. If you enjoy sitting and listening to writers talking about their processes, routines, and inspirations, mine Zarr’s podcast archive for a wealth of great information. Writers often feel like they are creating in a vacuum since writing can be such a solitary craft. The Creative Life with Sara Zarr will cut through the isolation every YA author—aspring or pro—feels.

2. First Draft with Sarah Enni

Released every Tuesday, First Draft with Sarah Enni is a YA reader’s dream podcast. Enni interviews all your favorite YA authors, from Veronica Roth to Renée Ahdieh and many more. Since Sarah Enni is a writer herself, the podcast touches on topics related to craft as well as specific to writing for young adults. (Her podcasts also cover children’s and middle grade fiction.)

YA-Specific Podcasts

3. Adventures in YA

It’d be hard to find a better, more comprehensive (and fun!) podcast about young adult literature than Adventures in YA. This typically monthly podcast is hosted by two readers who love YA and features in-depth reviews, previews of upcoming new releases for the month, and themes like Australian YA writers and dystopian.

4. Cast of Wonders

For fans of YA speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and those types of stories), Cast of Wonders is your next favorite podcast. Brimming with fresh episodes several times a week, Cast of Wonders reviews an impressive amount of speculative YA to help you find new authors and books. A robust list of editors and contributors gives Cast of Wonders an edge with providing comprehensive coverage of all speculative genres, including both indie and established authors.

5. Papercuts Podcast

If you like your book talk bitingly insightful and analytical, you’ll love Papercuts Podcast, hosted by three young adult literature fans. Broadcasting since 2012, Papercuts Podcast has recurring features like “Judge A Book by Its Cover!” and “At the End of Our Trope” as well as book reviews and author interviews. The podcast is unafraid to call out problematic topics and trends in young adult literature. It’s subtitle is “Because YA needs to hear it.” This is a great podcast for YA readers who want to learn more about the YA industry in general as well as book discovery.

Bonus Book Podcast

Book Riot: All the Books and The Book Riot Podcast

You’ve heard it before: “Don’t you have enough books to read?” This common refrain usually comes from people who cannot understand why readers keep buying books despite having shelves filled with unopened tomes. Of course, bookworms can never get enough. If you have a constant desire to add to your To Be Read pile and learn about new books to move to the front of your list, Book Riot’s All the Books podcast is an excellent way to find out what’s hot and what’s flying under the radar with each week’s new releases. Peek past the bestseller list and get recommendations for books from all genres and formats, including YA books. This podcast is a must for book discovery. If you’re a true reading omnivore, All the Books will appeal to your cross-genre interests. The Book Riot Podcast is another general-interest podcast where Book Riot editors and writers discuss book industry news and trending book topics as well as answer reader questions. Between All the Books and The Book Riot Podcast, YA readers can get a surround sound look at what’s going on in publishing today. Find both of these podcasts and the several others at Book Riot’s podcast homepage.

What best YA podcasts do you love to listen to for book-related news? Leave a comment below!


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