Science Fiction Shorts-1 - Norma Hinkens

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When I Find You

Trained by a rebel operative, former indentured serf, Mirelda Iyak, is tasked with evading Intergalactic Intelligence Officers and entering the Inner Ring on a dangerous mission that will end the Supreme Leader’s reign of terror, or her life. But first she must successfully pass through the Migration Processing Ministry’s notorious neuro-hub detection system and infiltrate a dynasty that holds a dark secret from her past. Who is the real Mirelda Iyak and why is she the chosen one to end the struggle for Galactic freedom?

Fasten your seatbelt for a thrilling sci-fi short story through a galaxy far, far away!


When a chain of planets are discovered to be habitable, settlers from an over-populated Earth are wowed by the central government's dazzling marketing relocation campaign. They eagerly sign contracts relinquishing their right to return to Earth in return for military protection, free housing, land and jobs on a planet called Sutorax. But the military is hiding a secret; there is alien life on Sutorax. When two teenagers, Eos and Ligon, stumble on the truth while trespassing on the military base, the military acquires them as "assets" to keep them from leaking the news.

Before they know it, they have become part of the first contact team, but soon realize they are "expendable assets" - prisoners of the military and at the mercy of the aliens. A gripping sci-fi short story!