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Quiz: Which YA Nerd Are You?



It’s never been a better time to be a YA nerd!

From comic cons to books about fandom, to new superhero films and TV released each week, not to mention The Big Bang Theory, nerds are in fashion. You might consider yourself a nerd, bookish reader, but the question the universe is asking is what kind of nerd are you? Take this fun quiz to find out which YA nerd is your geeky other half:

Pick the 5 answers that best match your nerdiness:

1. How do you feel about school?

(a) You LOVE school and want to take as many courses or learn as many subjects as possible. In fact, you often go out of your way to rearrange your schedule so you can squeeze extra classes in. You already have a reputation for being the quintessential YA nerd!

(b) School is okay, but you mostly stick to classes in your comfort zone, like creative writing or literature. You don’t like to push too much beyond your cozy nerd boundaries.

(c) School’s “meh”. You look forward to your nerdy after school activities or hanging with your friends at the geek table trading comics. You also like to explore new electives, in particular art and writing, and you’ve started a petition to make gaming an elective.

(d) School? Who cares! You supplement your learning with extracurricular reading and studies. Science is obviously the best subject, though you suspect you’re smarter than your teacher.


2. What are your friends like?

(a) Your personalities blend together and compliment each other’s nerd quotients. You’re definitely the nerdiest one of the bunch, and yes, you sometimes help with their homework.

(b) It can be difficult to make friends since you are sort of shy and awkward. But you’re working on it and have fallen into some great nerd friendships lately.

(c) Your friends are fellow fan fiction nerds. You feed off each other’s geeky devotion to fandom, endlessly bickering over fandom feuds. You may even have a thing for one of your friends.

(d) You are close to maybe one or two other people. They are nerdishly loyal to you, and you’d do anything to help them. They are usually the emotionally rational ones pulling you back from going one nerd step too far.


3. What are your favorite subjects?

(a) All of them. They all rock! Though you have a soft spot for history.

(b) Literature and English.

(c) Art and anything creative.

(d) Science, logic, mathematics, criminology.


4. What happens when you fall in love?

(a) It’s kind of awkward because you’re already good friends. You keep it bottled up until one day you share your feelings about them in a nerdish confessional. You’re not above making them jealous on purpose.

(b) You’re pretty self-conscious around people you have a thing for, but you often fall for the person you least expect to, someone optimistic, outgoing, bubbly, and who will take you out of your nerdy shell.

(c) You love them from afar for a while (okay, maybe a few years) until you go for the Grand Romantic Gesture and try to win their heart, ideally with some kind of fandom reference.

(d) You don’t recognize that you’re falling for someone until the last minute, and then you’re head over heels. Although naturally work and your projects still come first.


5. Pick a fandom.

(a) Classic fantasy—LOTR, Arthurian stories, The Chronicles of Narnia

(b) Harry Potter.

(c) Marvel Universe. Doctor Who.

(d) SherlockStar Trek.

Answers: Who is your YA nerd soulmate?

If you got mostly A’s… you’re Hermione Granger from Harry Potter!

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Classic nerd alert! There is no greater compliment to any nerd out there than getting Hermione as your YA nerd soulmate! Whether it’s the admittedly endearing know-it-all personality, your obsession with libraries, a voracious appetite for reading, or your love of school and homework, you have Hermione Granger in your DNA. Between saving the world and falling unexpectedly in love with your best friend, you are a bona fide nerd, loyal to the end with a bloodhound’s nose for research and information.

If you got mostly B’s… you’re Cath from Fangirl!

"Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell
“Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell

Readers all over the world love Cath Avery from Fangirl because she is the quintessential fangirl: devoted to her fandom, reader (and writer) of fan fiction, shy, a little awkward, and totally “adorkable” in love. You live for literature and for writing, and you hope to write one day. One of your greatest challenges is reaching out beyond the comfort of your room, but you geek out whenever you meet a fellow nerd. And above all, you’re not afraid to take chances. With your fan fiction, with friends, and with life.

If you got mostly C’s… you’re Graham from The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love!

"The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love" by Sarvenaz Tash
“The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love” by Sarvenaz Tash

You are a true nerd romantic, pining after your closest friend who you believe you could win the heart of if you could just impress him or her with your fandom. You are a virtual superhero brain trust with a wealth of knowledge of arcane facts, trivia, and moments from canon. You’re also pretty outgoing and love joining up with other nerds at conventions. You’d like to take your nerdy interests, like drawing comics or writing fan fiction, into a career one day. You are sincere, thoughtful, and super smart.

If you got mostly D’s… you’re Charlotte Holmes from A Study in Charlotte!

"A Study in Charlotte" by Brittany Cavallaro
“A Study in Charlotte” by Brittany Cavallaro

People? Who needs ’em? You prefer to stick close to a tight-knit group of fiercely loyal friends, friends who often help you see past your own blinding rationality and dedication to facts. You love to solve puzzles, have a passion for science, and follow logic like a zealot. It’s true, you can be a little impatient, but it’s only because you firmly believe life and death are at stake. You’re also a mystery fan with an unhealthy obsession for Sherlock and all things murky and mysterious.

So which nerd did YOU get? Comment below.


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