Opus of Doom

The Keeper Chronicles, Book 3

A rebel’s sacrifice. A traitor’s defection. A heroine’s grit.

The High Dragon King has not held court in five hundred years. But the war to end all wars is coming. Dragon riders have been summoned from the four corners of the earth.

Rebel forces arise and kingdoms fall beneath the power of the dark dragon stone. Orlla covenants to lead the light dragon army in a final strike, but her heart is ripped apart and her loyalty brought into question when a terrible secret comes to light.

Can she trust a defector who holds the key to toppling the dark dragon army?

OPUS OF DOOM is the third book in The Keeper Chronicles, a stunning new epic dragon fantasy series, perfect for fans of heroic fantasy sagas, dragons, mystery, action and adventure, light romance, and plot twists you won’t see coming—get your copy today!

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