Opal of Light

The Keeper Chronicles, Book 1

Mistaken for a spy. Hunted by an assassin. Arrested as a traitor.

And things are about to get much worse for Orlla, Keeper of the ancient dragon runes. She guards a powerful secret buried on the shores of Efyllsseum—a prehistoric artifact that shields the island kingdom’s inhabitants from death and destruction and hides the chosen land from the rest of the world.

Now, corrupt monarchs plot war to steal the valuable relic, shattering the uneasy peace throughout the realm. Torn between loyalty to her family and duty to the crown, Orlla calls upon the dragons of light.

But the light always casts shadows, and the dragons bring with them an unimaginable terror that no one saw coming—and no one can stop.

OPAL OF LIGHT is the first book in The Keeper Chronicles, a stunning new epic dragon fantasy series, perfect for fans of heroic fantasy sagas, dragons, mystery, action and adventure, light romance, and plot twists you won’t see coming—get your copy today!

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A blinding light lit up the sky and a thunderous bellow whipped up the water around the boats. Protectors and Keepers alike cried out in fear, dropping to their knees and shielding their faces. A live current rippled from the stone down Orlla’s arms, and a moment later, a lustrous, leathery wing split the inky water between the boats. A shimmering silver-scaled dragon rose from the depths of the sea with a limp, dripping Akolom curled in one claw. As it flew over them, it opened its mammoth jaws above the king’s boat releasing a sulfurous blue flame that crackled as it charred everything in its path.