Onyx of Darkness

The Keeper Chronicles, Book 2

Darkness rises. War looms. Betrayal threatens.

The Onyx of Darkness rises to the north forcing Orlla and Erdhan to embark on a treacherous mission to find and destroy the enemy of light before it crushes the world.

With the help of a mysterious stranger, they navigate the deadly sinking bogs in a desperate bid to reach the dark stone before it falls into the hands of the corrupt rulers of the lost kingdoms. But the pair soon realize they have become the hunted in a powerful play for ultimate control of the Onyx of Darkness.

Double-crossed by those they swore allegiance to, they are forced to strike a deal with cut-throat mercenaries to save themselves. Stakes rise when their worst nightmare comes to life in the form of a ghost they never thought they’d see again.

But the deepest betrayal of all will lead them to the heart of the Opus of Doom from which there is no return.

ONYX OF DARKNESS is the second book in The Keeper Chronicles, a stunning new epic dragon fantasy series, perfect for fans of heroic fantasy sagas, dragons, mystery, action and adventure, light romance, and plot twists you won’t see coming—get your copy today!

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A heavy beating of wings filled the air and an earth-shattering roar shook the trees like saplings. The shirtless man and his peers scattered like rodents, disappearing into the undergrowth as quickly as they had appeared.

A heartbeat later, a powerful bolt of fire ripped across the trail. Puck shrieked in terror and dropped to the ground, rolling around in the dirt as he tried desperately to douse the flames enveloping him. Three of his men lay like blackened logs across the trail, their clothes melded to their charred bodies. Orlla could make out the leathery black serrated wing tips of several dark dragons circling overhead.