The Undergrounders, Book 3

The mighty Craniopolis falls. But a darker shadow takes its place.

A shocking revelation rocks the survivors to the core. With everything at stake, the factions unite, but motives are suspect and mistrust runs deep among former foes. Rumors surface of a murderer at large within the city and Derry’s leadership as head of the new Council is challenged when the sweeps resume. Aided by the mysterious archer, Lou, Derry devises a last-ditch plan to pull off the unthinkable and strike at the heart of the Sweepers' regime. But, there’s more at stake than Derry realizes, and the forces she encounters are even more deadly than she could have imagined, forcing love to make the ultimate sacrifice.
The Undergrounders’ final stand unleashes a chaos that can only end in death or victory.

Judgement is the third book in The Award-Winning Undergrounders Series, a sci-fi dystopian thriller trilogy. If you like captivating apocalyptic tales, gritty complex heroines, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this fast-paced, end-of-the-world adventure!

Grab your copy of Judgement and dive into the final thrilling installment of The Undergrounders Series TODAY!

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The docking station is eerily silent, an unwitting participant in the waiting game we are playing. The two-hour arrival deadline for the delegation has come and gone. Six gleaming Hovermedes, restrained by cables, line the hangar floor like exotic insects pinned in place. Sven and his newly inaugurated Schutz Clones stand in formation, ready to salute the delegation. Tricked out in black fatigues and steel-toed boots, heavily armed, they strike fear in my heart every time I glance across at them. A sound like metal grinding on stone jerks my attention to the roof of the steel-framed hangar. A pneumatic whirring follows, and the entire top section slowly swivels off its base, revealing a quartz-veined, stony sky.