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How do you navigate a post-apocalyptic universe?


Would you rely on your HEART, GUT, MIND, or SPIRIT in a post-apocalyptic universe? Your personality will reveal your technique for surviving the end of civilization as we know it. TAKE THIS QUICK QUIZ to find out!

  • An antibiotic-resistant plague wipes out three-quarters of the world’s population. How do you react?

(A) You always knew this could happen. You calmly assemble the survivors in your area, reassure them so they won’t panic, and quarantine anyone with suspect symptoms.

(B) You secretly leave food and gallon jugs of water at the edge of the infected part of town to ease the suffering of the dying. It’s a rash move, but you have everyone’s back.

(C) You analyze the best ways to prevent the infection spreading, ration food and water, and implement a strict curfew and checkpoints in the disease-free zone.

(D) You examine your surroundings and assess the best structures to regroup in and the easiest to defend. You welcome the challenge to rebuild civilization.

  • Forced to flee from marauding gangs roaming the cities, what one item do you take with you?

(A) A photograph of your family. It will motivate you to survive in the grueling months ahead.

(B) A huge bag of candy. Hey …  it was an impulse grab!

(C) A survival handbook. You will need the information to address every situation that arises. Preparation will help you avoid succumbing to hunger or thirst.

(D) A knife. A weapon will be necessary to hunt and defend.

  • In a treacherous and toxic post-apocalyptic future, where do you opt to live with the other survivors?

(A) In a former hospital. It will provide sleeping accommodations, an initial food stockpile, and critical medical supplies.

(B) At an abandoned hotel. It will cheer everyone up to go swimming in the pool.

(C) In an underground bunker. It’s easier to implement rules to protect the group in a controlled environment.

(D) On a ship. The idea of being on the move appeals to your sense of adventure and it is harder for anyone to attack.

  • What skill can you contribute to the survivors?

(A) You have medical knowledge, whether you are a doctor, an EMT or have simply completed a CPR course.

(B) Your communication skills can defuse almost any hostile situation that arises, and help build alliances with other groups of survivors.

(C) You are a walking encyclopedia and can offer all sorts of valuable information and facts about food and energy sources, and survival techniques.

(D) You are an expert hunter and can fix or modify almost any machine you come across.

  • A dystopian government rises up, bans free speech and movement, and rounds up dissenters. What is your next move?

(A) You discreetly coach the survivors on the best ways to cope with the new set of circumstances and stay under the radar.

(B) You develop a secret sign language to communicate with the other survivors and plot subversive acts of sabotage.

(C) You come up with a carefully orchestrated long-term plan to infiltrate the government and overthrow it from within.

(D) You launch a daring and risky nighttime attack on the government headquarters.


If you got mostly A’s you rely on your HEART.

You are a defender of the weak, dedicated and loyal to the group no matter the cost. You are caring, and social, and shine when it comes to managing the survivors. Your kindness is the trigger that inspires everyone to work together for the common good. You are true to your word and the survivors quickly come to trust you. Your positive energy boosts morale and gives them hope. You restore harmony and stability and help set up a new social order by rallying the survivors around common goals. You make sure that everyone participates in the new community and that no one is lazy or steals. You set up essential stations such as medical, shelter, food and water distribution, and a Council to make decisions. YOUR MOTTO: If I Can Protect You, I Will.

 If you got mostly B’s you rely on your GUT.

Your zeal for the survivors is unlimited and you fight tirelessly for ideas you believe in. You seek to right wrongs in the group, no matter how big or small. You search for ways to make things better, and equitable for everyone, and you always find the good in every situation. You bring a wealth of creativity and imagination to every situation and often find radical new solutions to problems the group encounters in a post-apocalyptic landscape. You think outside the box and your communication skills are a huge asset in outlining common goals going forward, and in mediating disagreements that arise between the survivors. You are full of passion and charisma, unafraid to speak your mind and you always walk the talk. YOUR MOTTO: If I Can Change Your World For The Better, I Will.

If you got mostly C’s you rely on your MIND.

Your insightful observations and thirst for knowledge prove invaluable as you share what you know with the survivors. You believe nothing is impossible and you draw up ambitious plans for a new civilization. You are not afraid to implement unorthodox ideas or methods to achieve a goal. You use logic to assess new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, in order to maintain control of the precarious situation. You are the first to spot holes in the security plan or discrepancies in supplies that might indicate someone is stealing from the group. You love the intellectual challenge of your new circumstances and you lead the group with confidence. You recognize the talents of others and efficiently build teams suited to every purpose. YOUR MOTTO: If I Can Make You Believe In The Future Again, I Will.

If you got mostly D’s you rely on your SPIRIT.

You learn quickly from this new and challenging environment, exploring it and finding innovative ways to reuse the debris left behind and repurpose structures and tools for the benefit of the survivors. You are excellent at troubleshooting and fearless when it comes to using trial and error to devise new ways of navigating the barren landscape you now call home. Your natural curiosity is a huge asset to the group as you are the first to discover untapped food sources in the vicinity or items the survivors can salvage. You are extremely practical and lend a real life perspective to ideas and proposals floated by the group. You are not afraid to experiment or reinvent. A lack of resources only drives you to innovation and invention. You love excitement and live in the moment so the new world order doesn’t intimidate you in the least. YOUR MOTTO: If I Can Forge A New Road For You, I Will.


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  1. I took this quiz and I think mainly with my gut (2-b’s), with a sprinkling of (1-c, 1-a, 1-d) heart, mind & spirit. Thanks For The Fun Quiz! Love & Peace, KDC 😉

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