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Hot New YA Releases to Read in September


Are you ready to charge into the fall reading season? Everyone loves a light-hearted summer beach read, but the cooler months also bring hot new YA releases every week, and September 2017 is no exception. Autumn is the season of sweaters, beautiful changing leaves, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, of coziness and comfort—and an all-star lineup of smoking hot new YA releases. Here are just a few of the titles I am looking forward to in September’s young adult fiction release calendar.

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

(September 5)

“Genuine Fraud” by E. Lockhart

Where were you when you got to the twist in E. Lockhart’s addictive thriller, We Were Liars? Genuine Fraud, the latest from Lockhart, should more than satisfy your withdrawal from unreliable narrators, deviance, betrayal, and devastating reveals. This new contemporary YA is concerned with questions of identity and centers around two orphans who look alike and have an intense friendship. But as one heroine lives in an almost fantasy world, it’s difficult to tell who really is who they say they are. Like the characters of We Were Liars, Lockhart’s Genuine Fraud operate in spheres of wealth, power, and excess, and the novel is structured mostly backwards, making it hard to solve its puzzles and easy to keep reading till you’re done. Find it on Goodreads here.

Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore

(September 19)

“Jane, Unlimited” by Kristin Cashore

If you loved Kristin Cashore’s beloved Graceling Realm fantasy series, you’ll want to circle September 19th on your calendar and get ready for Cashore’s latest, Jane, Unlimited. This standalone novel (I know, I know… I was hoping for a series, too) follows kick-ass heroine Jane as she discovers a new path. After her beloved aunt’s passing, Jane mourns, forgoes college, and instead crafts beautiful umbrellas. One day, she befriends the mysterious Kiran Thrash, who invites Jane to visit an estate known as “Tu Raviens.” Jane remembers her aunt’s words urging her to go to Tu Raviens if she ever got an invitation. What Jane finds is a supernatural, magical world that helps her understand the realities of her own life by making major choices with major consequences. This fantasy novel is written in different parts that operate more like extended short stories or novellas than your conventional chapters. It’s just one more way that Cashore has crafted another bewitching novel that is guaranteed to be one of the hot new YA releases to bring magic into your life. Find it on Goodreads here.

There’s Someone inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

(September 26)

“There’s Someone Inside Your House” by Stephanie Perkins

After seeing the gorgeously creepy cover of Stephanie Perkins’ new novel, I automatically added it to my TBR. We know Perkins from her romantic comedies like Anna and the French Kiss and its sequels. In this horror-comedy (is that an oxymoron?), an agent of chaos is rippling through your ordinary suburban town, murdering high school students one by one. The ensuing terror and paranoia causes everyone to suspect everyone else. The desperation of the time also causes emotions to run high, causing alliances and romances to collide. If you were a fan of teen slasher films like the Scream series, this is your jam. Find it on Goodreads here.

Invictus by Ryan Graudin

(September 26)

“Invictus” by Ryan Gaudin

Love time travel? When it comes to hot new YA releases, you’ll definitely enjoy the timey wimey trip that is Ryan Graudin’s, Invictus. Farway Gaius McCarthy is the son of a gladiator from 95 AD Ancient Rome and a time traveler from 2354 AD. This bizarre birth gives Farway a taste for adventure, leading him to command an expedition to retrieve important valuables from history and sell them on the black market. Also riding along on Far’s ship are a bunch of ragtag adventure seekers, loners, and all around renegades. On a mission to the sinking Titanic, Far becomes fascinated and then infatuated with a mysterious girl his age who seems to always be operating one step ahead of them. As Far becomes more drawn into his romantic feelings for her and his dangerous pirating, new truths rock his world—and all of time. Graudin already had fans from the alternate history / thriller / fantasy Wolf by Wolf and its sequels, but Invictus already has fans who describe it as: “Like, seriously, this might just be the most impressive book I’ve ever read. Ryan Graudin is an absolute gem” and “HOLY SHAZM, WHAT A FUN RIDE!.” Find it on Goodreads here.

If you still need to stock up on a few more reads for the cold weather, check out my post Best YA New Releases to Devour this Winter.

What’s on your hot new YA releases list for September? Leave a comment below.


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