Her Last Steps - Norma Hinkens

Her Last Steps

- A psychological suspense thriller -

Trust no one when your daughter goes missing.

On a frigid winter morning near her cabin, Ava Galbraith’s four-year-old daughter vanishes without a trace in the snow. Local sheriff, Mallory Anderson, focuses his investigation on Ava and her estranged husband, Gordon, embroiled in a bitter custody battle. But when Ava receives a ransom demand for half-a-million dollars, the race to find four-year-old Melanie takes on a more ominous tone. With the FBI on board, disturbing secrets begin to emerge connecting both Ava and her husband to a murky past. A remote cabin in the woods may hold some desperately needed answers, but time is ticking down to complete the ransom drop-off and save Melanie from the one person who wants her dead.

Who is the real mastermind behind the abduction?

- Fasten your seatbelt for a tense domestic thriller with a heart-pounding pace! -

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“Can I run, Mommy?”
Ava Galbraith flinched and pressed her knuckles to her lips. Her daughter’s last words ricocheted around inside her skull like metal balls, echoed by the sound of her tiny footsteps crunching the icy surface beneath her like the dry Cheerios she’d eaten for breakfast that morning. Footsteps Ava might never hear again. Dread, more numbing than the frigid air chilling her cheeks, shot through her, trailed by the forlorn bleat of an animal in pain. She blinked at the snowy expanse that stretched for miles in every direction before it dawned on her that the desolate cry had come from her own lips. She shouldn’t have returned. She should have run and never looked back.