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Harry Potter Literary Pet Names for Every Creature


Pets make the world a better place, and in today’s world, they are needed more than ever. They give us comfort, love, and loyalty in the midst of our daily chaos. Literary pet names are simply the best. For YA fans, there are so many great options if you want to name your pet something YA  related, but the Harry Potter universe, in particular, offers boundless creatures and characters to inspire your next pet’s name. This fantasy series has plenty of animal creatures (hello, Fantastic Beasts!) and human characters, too. Here are a few timeless literary pet names inspired by the Harry Potter books. Whether feather, fin, or fur, this list will help you narrow down your Harry Potter literary pet names.

Pets of Harry Potter and Friends

Hermione and Crookshanks the cat

As literary pet names go, Crookshanks, Hermione’s beloved pet cat, would make an excellent name for your next feline. Many cats are just as intelligent, sassy, loyal, and loving but still a bit removed—Crookshanks loves Hermione and is a devoted friend, but he is definitely more cat than human, and he prefers to keep the boundary up.

You don’t have to have an owl in order to name your pet Hedwig. Cerebral and supportive, a Hedwig could definitely be a wise white cat or a beautiful white lab. Any bird would be privileged to be named after Harry’s beautiful owl, especially one with white feathers like a dove or a cockatoo.

Stumped on what to name your frog? Neville’s pet frog Trevor was a bit silly and unruly but nonetheless shouldered a load during his owner’s awkward years. Trevor’s magical qualities are up for debate, but we do know he has a good enough frog croak to feature in the toad choir singing “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

Fantastic Beasts

Fawkes the Phoenix

The name Griffin is an excellent choice for a pet that embodies the Gryffindor characteristics: “daring, nerve, and chivalry.” Dogs have earned the reputation for being man’s best friend. Their loyalty to their people will lead them through great danger to protect the ones they love, definitely a Gryffindor motto.

Whether your pet has feathers or fur, Fawkes is a great name for a courageous pet. If you adopt a pet with special needs, calling it Fawkes honors your new buddy’s courage in fighting through life despite the odds. If you adopt or rescue an older animal, Fawkes is also a nice choice since Fawkes lives to be very old and wise.

Dragons are curious creatures. Norberta is a great name for your spunky, unpredictable, but playful new pet. Just like Hagrid’s dragon, Norberta was discreet enough, but she also desired freedom to live her life outside a hunt. If you’ve got a cat who goes outside out on the prowl, Norberta would be a fitting choice from the literary pet names inspired by Fantastic Beasts.

The Marauders

Sirius Black

Everyone has a favorite Marauder: Moony, Padfoot, Prongs, and I guess even Wormtail. Moony and Padfoot are natural choices of literary pet names for your canine companion. Moony has a connection to wolves, so a Siberian Husky, Akita, Samoyed, or German Shepherd would be an awesome Moony in your home, or a Remus or Lupin. You definitely want any Lupin-inspired name to complement a pet with a serious, somber personality. I’d think any Moony would have a tortured hero complex going on, definitely a pet you’d want to cuddle with and take care of… rescue pets have earned the right to be named after such a phenomenally brave, resilient, and sweet character.

A black lab or black dog is an excellent fit for Padfoot, and Sirius’ name is also a great choice. Sirius definitely has the brooding hero thing going for him. You’d want to name a pet Sirius if he or she is daring, scrappy, and somewhat defensive, but also someone who cuddles up next to you at night or at your feet. Sirius is not just a guard dog protecting your home. He’s protecting your heart.

Notable Harry Potter Characters

Luna Lovegood

Luna is a serene and dreamy character and as literary pet names go, it is a great choice for any cat that has a bit of a mystical, dreamy personality. Any animal that displays a similar sense of laid back wonder would be a great Luna.

Professor McGonagall’s first name, Minerva, is unusual but beautiful. Minerva is the name of an ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and war—definitely very fitting for Hogwarts’ intelligent and commanding professor of transfiguration. The bonus for naming your pet Minerva is that it comes with a few cute nicknames: “Minnie” and “Min.”

J. K. Rowling popularized the Greek name Hermione, which was previously known mainly as a character in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. Hermione is smart and confident with a lot of moxie. A feisty cat or dog would bear the name of one of literature’s smartest female warriors, Hermione Granger.

Last, but not least, naming a pet Harry (or the female Harriet) is a tremendous gift to your new furry friend. Harry Potter’s story grips you right from the beginning. He is an orphan, and that identity is very central to his character’s journey across the series. What are the pets we adopt if not orphans who have finally found their forever home? Maybe you’ve rescued the next great Harry.

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you might have fun with my harry Potter die-hard fan quiz. Let me know how you do! Only Harry Potter Die-Hards Can Answer these 20 Questions.

What name from the Harry Potter universe would you choose for a pet? Leave a comment with your favorite literary pet names below.


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  1. I like the name Padfoot. Perfect for dogs, which I have a few of! I have a dog at home name Sherlock. Ironic because she barks at anything new on our street. Like a trash bag that was blown into the yard. Then after a couple days of being there she only growls at it lol.

  2. Any of the Harry Potter animal names are awesome, but my favorite would have to be Sirius or Padfoot. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  3. I really like Minerva and hedwig for pet names! At home I have a dog named bartok from the Disney movie Anistasia, the white bat. He looks just like him! Such a goofy guy!! Thanks so much ch for this nance at a freebie!!?

  4. My cat goes insane during the full moon, so either Luna or Moony would be good names. (Of course, he’s a boy cat so he might not appreciate the name Luna!)

  5. Our dog is actually named Dobby!! We’re a Harry Potter geek family!! Lol! He’s a half-dachshund half-chihuahua & really looks like Dobby the house elf with the satellite ears & big eyes!! He’s our best friend & true family member & he’s spoiled rotten!! Lol!

  6. I would love to give the name Lupin to my male pet dog and Harriet to my female pet dog. Both the names are cute 🙂

  7. Fawkes Im definitely naming the next pet Fawkes for sure!! I love it!! The Phoenix is my favorite anyway & the name is so Close to a very popular swear word?? I can just Imagine the conversations and strange looks lol It would be quite fun!!??

  8. Ooops…I forgot to mention that our cat, Raven, was Luna for a month until my kids overruled me haha. They chose Raven from Teen Titans 🙂

  9. I almost named my ferret niffler. But pp started coming out instead off ffs so I decided to go with alfalfa and spanky. I think the niffler and ferrets are closely related. Ones magic and one isn’t. Lol. Both love take take things that’s not theirs!

  10. I wouldn’t name a pet this because it’s a bit naughty, but I always laughed when I watched a Steve Martin movie called “The Jerk” and he named his dog “s**t head”. ? I had a great Collie and named him Rocky (cuz I like the Rocky movies) and my daughter had a fantastic Fox Red Lab named Billy ?.

  11. I have been the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan for as long as I can remember, so I think Dumbledore is a pretty cute name for a pet.

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