Girl of Fire

The Expulsion Project, Book 1

Space pirates, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic engineering, Inter-planetary intrigue and High-stakes treachery …

Trattora is the adopted daughter of the Chieftain on a primitive frontier planet. Velkan is an indentured serf who has never known a day of freedom. Forced to flee a terrifying invasion by Galactic Pirates, they find themselves thrown together on a ramshackle mining vessel that harbors more than one dark secret. Fate and chemistry combine when the pair’s matching birth bracelets lead them to a shocking discovery. Stakes rise when they uncover the devastating sacrifice their birth families made on their behalf. Determined to save them from liquidation, Trattora and Velkan plunge headlong into a frantic race against time and space to take down the genocidal Artificial Intelligence that has taken over their home planet.

But will they navigate the treacherous dealings of the seedy Galactic underworld in time to rescue the families who loved them enough to let them go?

Loved Firefly? Girl of Fire will win your heart! Grab your copy TODAY and dive into her Galactic world!


Silver Medalist 2017 IPPY Young Adult Fiction Awards

Winner 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Young Adult Fiction

Semi-finalist 2017 Kindle Book Awards

Gold Medalist 2017 Reader’s Favorite Young Adult Sci-fi

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The heavy thump of multiple pairs of steel-toed boots alerts us to Crank’s arrival. Sarth gets to her feet and, after exchanging dubious glances, the rest of us do the same. A moment later, a tall, imposing figure in black enters the room flanked by two flint-faced guards. I stare, fascinated and repulsed all at once, at the Syndicate’s most feared commissioner. The whites of his eyes glisten as he surveys us, his pupils dark and dead. Purple veins pulse in his temple just below the horns attached to his forehead. A disconcerting, jagged scar runs like a trickle of blood from his top lip down the side of his mouth, under his chin, and halfway down his neck. His lips split in a grin of sorts when he spots Ghil. I cringe at his teeth—metal and meticulously shaped into points.