The Undergrounders, Book 2

Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or The Divergent Series!

The Undergrounders prevail. But war has just begun.

Against all odds, Derry and a handful of survivors escape the malevolent Doctor Lyong’s clutches, but victory proves bittersweet. No one knows if Owen is dead or alive. Forced to find new recruits Derry makes the treacherous journey to Shoshane City, home of the mysterious riders. Mutiny and sabotage are afoot and Derry finds herself caught up in a desperate struggle to save the city from being destroyed by The Ghost, a dangerous rogue who swears allegiance to no one. Time is running out to save Owen, and tensions are rising between Jakob and Sven, the devastatingly handsome clone who may turn out to be a deadly distraction.

Will Derry emerge victorious from the showdown at the Craniopolis, or will the price of freedom mean sacrificing the one she loves?

Embattlement is the second book in The Award-Winning Undergrounders Series, a sci-fi dystopian thriller trilogy. If you like captivating apocalyptic tales, gritty complex heroines, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this fast-paced, end-of-the-world adventure!

Grab your copy of Embattlement and dive into the second thrilling installment of The Undergrounders Series TODAY!

Read an Excerpt

I eject my clip, slap in a new one, and send the slide forward. I’ll spend my last bullet and final breath taking down these monsters before I’ll surrender. Time splits from reality as the noise of the weapons bombards my senses. Around me, blurs and smudges of arms and faces streak past my peripheral vision. Guns fire in slow motion sequence, like dull canons somewhere deep inside my head. Several Rogues go sprawling backward. An Undergrounder behind me flops forward like a rag doll, clutching his stomach, his head resting at an unnatural angle on my shoulder. I jerk out from underneath him, my heart thumping double time.