January 7

Embattlement Cover


The cover for Embattlement, Book Two in The Undergrounders Series is done! I’m now working fast and furiously on the edits in order to have the book available on Amazon by February.

Prepare for:

  • more plot twists than ever

  • intrigue and deception

  • new characters, of the insidious and unstable variety

  • an untimely death or two

  • an attempted coup

  • an attack from an unexpected source

  • a Superconductor (read the book!)

  • a new setting for part of the journey

Tucker is joined by some four-legged friends, but not the canine variety. Of course there’s the love triangle that still needs to be resolved. And then there’s the showdown for control of the Craniopolis.

I don’t want to give away too many plot spoilers, but suffice to say that Book Two doesn’t slow the pace much! Derry emerges as a stronger, more mature leader, and I’m really happy with her development along the way.

Does she emerge victorious? I’ll leave that for the reader to decide. All I’m willing to say is that the story doesn’t end here …



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