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The Bridal Shower


The Bridal Shower
Series: Wicked Ways Collection
Genre: psychological thriller

Hiding toxic secrets comes at a price.

Eva Peretti plans on throwing her best friend, Cat, an unforgettable bridal shower at a remote country estate. But the night before the shower, Cat receives an ominous message: Secrets will be revealed tomorrow. Will they be yours? Distraught, she calls Eva to find out if this is a game she has arranged, only to discover that all the bridesmaids received the same message and are equally shaken.

Fearful that someone is out to sabotage her wedding, but not knowing who, or why, Cat agrees to proceed with the shower. All goes well until she opens an anonymous gift and discovers a bloody knife buried beneath layers of white tissue paper. During the confusion that follows, things take an even more chilling turn when her future mother-in-law vanishes.

Is someone intent on derailing Cat’s wedding, or are they protecting her from a toxic secret she knows nothing about?

- Settle in for a twisty tale with an electrifying ending! -

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The Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower
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