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Book Gear YA Dystopian Fans Love


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These days if you love a YA book you can literally wear it. From Alexander Wang’s ‘Divergent’-Inspired Collection for H&M to Katniss-inspired cuff earrings, contemporary readers—and dystopian fans especially—can rep their reading with scarves, jewelry, T-shirts and hats like never before. Here’s a taste of what’s popular:

Etsy Book Gear

The creative entrepreneurs on the Etsy global marketplace have jumped on the bandwagon of all things YA dystopian. There are treasures aplenty to be had, including this Divergent Book Locket/Necklace from Paperplated:

Divergent book necklace
Divergent book necklace

A quick search for the Hunger Games conjures up a ton of awesome jewelry, clothing, trinkets, stickers, related swag and book gear celebrating the series. You can even buy the iconic Katniss shawl from MamasLilSugarCrochet and flaunt some Hunger Games fashion.

Katniss shawl on Etsy
Katniss shawl on Etsy

(By the way, here’s a knitting pattern for that shawl and many other Hunger Games-related patterns from Stich and Unwind. Also, check out this article on Book Riot about the shawl).

Etsy is also home to an array of mockingjay jewelry, such as this mockingjay pin, the perfect accessory to hold a scarf or shawl in place.

Mockingjay pin on Etsy
Mockingjay pin on Etsy

Who wouldn’t love this “May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor” bracelet from BlockandHammer. A quote to hold close at all times.

Hunger Games bracelet on Etsy.
Hunger Games bracelet on Etsy.

You can also run a generic search for Dystopian on Etsy and find some awesome clothing, artwork, posters and other book gear.

Out of Print 

Out of Print is a must-check-out company for any book lover. From mugs to matchbox sets, sweatshirts to socks, Out of Print showcases retro book covers and reading ephemera so you can wear your favorite book cover during your next readathon.

One of my favorite dystopian novels is Ray Bradbury’s classic, Fahrenheit 451. Out of Print makes an awesome shirt in women’s and men’s, a fiery red flaming with dystopian revolutionary rage.

"Fahrenheit 451" shirt by Out of Print.
“Fahrenheit 451” shirt by Out of Print.

Perfectly accompanied by the Brave New World shirt of course!

"Brave New World" shirt from Out of Print
“Brave New World” shirt from Out of Print

You can also pick up some rad mugs and other apparel celebrating banned books and classic novels that push the literary boundaries, just like dystopian fiction.

Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild

The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild creates clever, somewhat snarky but always witty homages to literature, the arts, science, philosophy, and general geekery. They have a whole line of Shakespeare products (including, among others, the Shakespeare Pill Box and the Lady Macbeth’s Guest Soap), along with Doctor Who (The Weeping Angel Mug), and the French Revolution (Anti-Establish Mints. Dystopian lovers can drool over the Banned Book Mug pictured below.

Banned Book mug from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild.
Banned Book mug from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.

Books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451 have all been banned. What better way to celebrate banned books and the freedom to read than sipping on some piping hot tea or coffee in this mug with a banned dystopian book in your lap?

Apparently, there is no shortage of ways these days to rock your dystopian love through gear and wearables. What are you waiting for?

How would you outfit yourself for a dystopian universe? Find your dystopian fashion twin in this blog’s quiz here and comment below.



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