October 8

Book Cover Design


The book cover for Immurement is done! As this was my first attempt at having a professional cover designed, I took the advice of self-publishing gurus and went with 99designs.com. It’s such a well-run website and design campaign that it makes the whole process idiot-proof ( no, I’m not an affiliate.) They even have a short video you can watch to get the gist of how the contest works.

Basically you submit your brief and then designers from all around the world (gotta love the international twist) compete over a seven day period to bring something to the table that captures your vision for your book. You have the ability to give individual designers feedback on the designs they are working on to make sure they are going in the right direction. I would recommend doing this as the designers I worked with were super responsive. One of the key advantages of a site like this is the speed in which you can have a professional cover ready to go.

Design by Alexandre Rito (Portugal)


Book cover

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