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Embattlement Releases Today!

  • February 25, 2016

Embattlement: The Undergrounders Series Book Two is out! Grab your ebook copy from Amazon at the special launch price of $0.99. To be extra indulgent to all you sci-fi/dystopian fans out there I’m

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Mortality Doctrine Trilogy #BookGiveaway #YA #Scifi

  • February 16, 2016

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I’m still spreading the love! How about a chance to walk away with a riveting sci-fi, dystopian thriller bundle guaranteed to leave you hanging off

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3 Hot Looks Young Adult Heroines Wear Well

  • February 11, 2016

Last week I talked about the young adult heroine makeover, so it is only fitting to take a closer look at the hot looks a young adult heroine is sporting these days. Disclaimer: as I am not a fashion

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young adult heroine

3 Young Adult Heroines Defined By Adventure Not Love

  • February 3, 2016

Barbie is finally getting a makeover! No longer hampered by her plastic seduction factor, she is free to become a self-respecting young woman with action-hero qualities at last. And so it seems

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A YA Thriller To Chill Your Soul And Break Your Heart

  • January 27, 2016

IMMUREMENT The Undergrounders Series Book One Kindle Countdown Deal begins today! Grab your copy of the first book in The Undergrounders Series for only $.99! IMMUREMENT: The YA sci-fi thriller reviewers

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#BookGiveaway #VeronicaRoth

Divergent Trilogy #BookGiveaway

  • January 23, 2016

Just when you thought the holidays were over, I have another goodie for you! ENTER HERE for a chance to win the complete collector’s edition set of the Divergent Trilogy, including a SIGNED COPY

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2016 goals and quotes to live by

10 Quotes From Young Adult Fiction To Live By In 2016

  • January 20, 2016

 Young adult fiction gets a bad rap at times, but there’s more depth to it than you might realize. In the process of putting together my author business game plan for 2016, I got a little sidetracked

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self-publishing rockstars

4 Self-publishing Rockstars To Follow in 2016

There’s a reason the market is quickly becoming saturated by self-published authors, and it’s a good one. It’s because of the generous nature of indie authors. A tenacious breed, forced to fend

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Embattlement Cover

  • January 7, 2016

The cover for Embattlement, Book Two in The Undergrounders Series is done! I’m now working fast and furiously on the edits in order to have the book available on Amazon by February. Prepare for: more plot

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Creativity 2016

15 Ways Fiction Writers Can Stay Creative in 2016

  • December 29, 2015

When your medium is magical action thrills, dystopian high jinks, or paranormal cozy mysteries, the creative perspiration required to keep those tall tales coming can be taxing at times, to say the least.

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Self-publishing Immurement

8 Tips For Self-publishing On Amazon

  • December 23, 2015

  Self-publishing my first book Immurement on Amazon this month was an exhilarating experience, but despite the time I spent researching how it all works, there were several details I wasn’t

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Immurement Releases Today!

  • December 16, 2015

A fast action-packed ride of survival. Sara Reid, Book Reviewer, Today We Did. It’s official! Immurement, Book One in The Undergrounders Series is live on Amazon. ’Tis the season to spread goodwill,

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Christmas Gift Books

Rafflecopter Book Giveaway

  • December 14, 2015

Massive Book Giveaway just in time for Christmas! Amber Gregg from Judging More Than Just The Cover is running a book giveaway which ends in seven days, so check out the link for all the amazing books

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Post-apocalyptic fiction

4 Things I Learned From Post-apocalyptic Fiction

  • December 9, 2015

Part of the thrill of reading post-apocalyptic fiction is the disturbing sense that it’s not true escapism, but rather one uneasy step away from reality as we know it. There’s a lot to be learned

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Title for a book

How To Pick A Book Title

  • December 2, 2015

Choosing a book title is almost as challenging as naming a child. After all, your freshly written book is your baby, an entity that will live with you for years to come. Readers will judge your book

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Avoiding Self-Publishing Potholes

  • November 24, 2015

The road to self-publishing your own book is riddled with potholes, but you can avoid the worst of them if you map out the journey ahead of time. Here are four key pointers: Perform a Diagnostic Make

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#Undergrounders Giveaway

  • November 21, 2015

What would YOU do if the earth’s core overheats … if the sovereign leader vanishes … if YOU are the survivors’ only hope? Grab your bug out bag and while away the bunker hours

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Why I Write

  • November 17, 2015

This past few weeks I’ve been running on ink fumes as I prepare to launch my first book into the Amazonic stratosphere. Self-publishing takes an enormous amount of work and concentrated effort, not

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Your First 10K Readers Evaluation

One of the tools I leaned heavily on to shape the launch strategy for my first book is an online course by Nick Stephenson. What exactly is Your First 10K Readers? In a nutshell, a comprehensive course

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4 Reasons NaNoWriMo Is Good For You

  • November 3, 2015

1) NaNoWriMo … gives us the kick in the britches we badly need to get started. Or to put it more profoundly, Newton’s first Law of Motion, also known as the Law of Inertia, means that there is

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10 Signs You Might Be A Redneck Writer

There are plenty of terrific websites out there dispensing wisdom to indie authors, but now and again we just need to take a breather from stockpiling all that good info and have a laugh. Here’s

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Creating Killer Blog Cocktails

  • October 16, 2015

So we’re talking how to pen dynamic blog posts that melt in your mouth, evoke a transcendental experience, reduce you to a shivering wreck of your former self, anything other than trigger a yawn, click,

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3 Hot Tips For Indie Authors

  • October 16, 2015

I love to write, but it’s draining spending all those hours with the Phantom of the Digest whispering in my ear “Write for me, WRITE!” I’ve just finished the third book in my trilogy, The Undergrounders

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Writer with writer's block

Surefire Systems To Outsmart Writer’s Block

  • October 16, 2015

You know you have Writer’s Block when you get lost in the world you invented That moment when you come to, and realize your brain froze over an hour ago. You rapidly defrost your neural crannies

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Book Cover Design

  • October 8, 2015

The book cover for Immurement is done! As this was my first attempt at having a professional cover designed, I took the advice of self-publishing gurus and went with It’s such a well-run

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