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A Free Anthology of Young Adult Fiction

  • December 2, 2016


A Thrilling New Free Anthology

Just in time for the holidays I’ve joined forces with a group of young adult authors to bring you our first ever anthology of young adult short stories, That Moment When. There’s something for everyone in this fantastic bundle which includes NYT and USA Today Bestselling YA authors, in addition to multiple award-winning authors. This is your chance to discover new authors as you browse the anthology and sample some of the bestselling young adult fiction authors on the market today. The best part about it is that the anthology is currently FREE on all vendor websites! Get it on Kindle / Get it on iBooks / Get it on Kobo

All your favorite YA genres

That Moment When is compiled of various genres in the young adult category so whether you like to curl up with a good romance or prefer to be rocked back on your heels by a post-apocalyptic thrill ride, you are sure to find exactly what excites you in this smorgasbord of young adult titles. Some of these epic action tales are complete short stories, and others are the beginning of a novel designed to introduce you to a new author in your genre. With over 200,000 words (about three full-length novels) you are guaranteed some epic reading pleasure over the next few weeks. And that’s not all! Most of the authors also offer a free book on their websites so if you like what you read in the anthology, be sure to check out the websites for even more FREE reads for the holidays!


There’s a moment in life when everything changes. A crossroads on the journey when every hero or heroine must make a choice that can never be undone or go to a place from which there is no return. Grab your free copy of That Moment When and dive into a world of drama, intrigue, action, adventure, paranormal, dystopian and apocalyptic peril – you won’t be able to put this anthology down!


Just in case you need any more convincing, here’s the star-studded lineup you can enjoy for free:








Get it on Kindle / Get it on iBooks / Get it on Kobo

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