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5 New November YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books


November means shorter days and longer nights, perfect to fit more reading into your life. If you are a YA speculative fiction fan, meaning science fiction and fantasy, there are a ton of new YA sci-fi and fantasy books to devour this month. From mysterious UFOs to bizarre DNA, these thrilling stories will rivet you to your seat and transport you out of this world. Block off a weekend—or a night—to race through these 5 new November 2017 YA sci-fi and fantasy books.

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

“Renegades” by Marissa Meyer

When Marissa Meyer’s latest novel was announced, I could barely sleep. She’s an amazing storyteller and also one who is quite prolific. Just a year ago, Meyer published a new standalone novel, Heartless, and November 7 saw her latest novel, Renegades. In this riveting science fiction novel, a group of prodigies called the Renegades are worshipped by just about everyone for stopping villains. Nova is on a journey for vengeance aimed directly at the Renegades, until she meets a Renegade, Adrian, who makes her doubt her mission, and her heart. Meyer has insisted so far that this novel is a standalone, but don’t be surprised if fans demand another installment. –November 7

The Speaker (Sea of Ink and Gold) by Traci Chee

“The Speaker” (Sea of Ink and Gold) by Traci Chee

Did you miss Tracy Chee’s debut fantasy novel The Reader? Don’t worry. You’ll binge-read it and be hungry for the sequel, The Speaker, which also came out November 7th. This book-centered series combines stunning suspense and breathtaking magical worldbuilding. A mysterious book pulls Sefia into a dangerous dance between finding the truth behind her father’s murder and keeping her captured aunt safe. This quest throws Sefia into a world of adventure, finding friendship with fellow readers in a world where books have power beyond the page. In the sequel, Sefia and a friend are on the run after narrowly escaping the Guard. If you love a multi-layered narrative and tons of delicious reader-y book talk, you will adore Chee’s latest. –November 7

Eight Days on Planet Earth by Cat Jordan

“Eight Days on Planet Earth” by Cat Jordan

Love can be out of this world. When Matty’s dad abandons him one summer day, a mysterious girl appears in the cornfields next door to his rural farm in Pennsylvania, the site where a spaceship supposedly landed 50 years ago. The beautiful and otherworldly young woman, Priya, claims that she is waiting for her spaceship to pick her up and return her to her home planet. Matty has grown up hearing, watching, and reading countless stories about UFOs, but something about Priya defies categorization. Is she crazy? Or is Matty crazy not to believe in something bigger than this world? This charming science fiction novel will help you feel less alone in our wide universe. –November 7

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

“This Mortal Coil” by Emily Suvada

Take a look at that gorgeous cover. Wow! I’m a sucker for amazing covers and have been known to instabuy YA sci-fi and fantasy books I can’t stop looking at. Emily Suvada’s debut novel, This Mortal Coil, is a science fiction novel for our Internet age. Catarina Agatta is a gifted hacker who is essentially unchallenged. She can hack into just about everything, especially genetic codes. In this dystopian universe, people have the ability to recode their genes. Catarina is the daughter of an eminent geneticist, Dr. Lachlan Agatta, who was perhaps humanity’s last hope for finding a solution to the epidemic wiping out civilization… until he was captured by a shady organization known as Cartaxus. Two years later, Catarina has been surviving without her father. Then a Cartaxus soldier, Cole, arrives asking for Catarina’s help decoding the vaccine her father finished before he died. With the world on the brink of extinction, Catarina holds not just her own future in her hands, but that of humanity’s, too. She must trust in herself, her father, and in her gifts—but love might be the one code she cannot crack. –November 7

Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

“Runebinder” by Alex R. Kahler

Do you love YA sci-fi and fantasy books about elemental magic? You’re in luck. November 14 brings the debut novel in a brand-new epic fantasy series by Alex R. Kahler. In a world where magic has gone underground, creepy zombie-like monsters called Howls stalk the streets, intimidating everyone by stoking fear. Standing between the Howls and the people are the Hunters, a selective group of folks who can harness the magic that has gone out of the world. Tenn, a Hunter, reluctantly steps into this fate knowing how hopeless the fight against the Howls really is. Soon, he finds himself ensnared in a sinister plot in a far larger game with nothing less than the fate of the world at stake. Perfect for fans of Morgan Rhodes’ Falling Kingdoms series. –November 14

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What YA sci-fi and fantasy books are you most looking forward to reading this winter?


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