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4 Signs You’re a YA Strong Female Heroine


Avid readers, both teens and adults, look to the young adult novel for its fearless portrayal of the strong female heroine who makes all-in sacrifices on behalf of families, friends, and nations, and kicks ass through physical and mental combat. All while sporting awesome dystopian fashion and keeping things cool as two cute guys wrestle it out in the other corners of a love triangle.

Immersing yourself in young adult novels with a strong female heroine can make you a little bolder, stand a little taller, entice you to check out a local archery class, or slip into a passionate speech about rising up against tyranny. The Strong Female Heroine influence is undeniable, so how can you tell if you’re becoming the young adult strong female heroine in your own life? Read on for four surefire signs you’re becoming fiercer and taking no prisoners.

1: You embrace more risks.

Instead of running from risks, you entertain them! Whether it’s trying a new spicy dish at a restaurant, painting your room in psychedelic stripes, or picking up a post-apocalyptic novel when you normally go for contemporary romance, you are not afraid to venture beyond your comfort zone. The strong female heroines of young adult novels take risks large and small, from volunteering for the hunger games to choosing to fall in love despite having a terminal illness. This fearless confidence might put you in immediate danger or maybe even risk your reputation and relationships, but ultimately you learn new things, chalk up new experiences, and, sure, maybe even save a few lives and overthrow The-Powers-That-Be while you’re at it.

2: You frequently go on long rants.

You finish that book. That book, the one that everyone else loved, and instead of just agreeing with everyone, you defend your opinion, maybe even write a Goodreads review. And it’s not just with books. You are no longer afraid to argue your position with others, especially if it means standing up for yourself, your beliefs, and your friends and family. Instead of quieting down, you’re fearless in the face of haters and confident in your own opinions. You speak up, embrace monologues, convince everyone that you’re right, and convert people to your causes and passionate beliefs. Your emboldened voice is a definite sign that you’ve abandoned wallflower status and become a strong female protagonist.

Sign 3: Romance can wait.

Where’s a strong female heroine without her token love interest—or two? As soon as you start speaking your mind, fighting for the things that matter most to you, and taking bolder and bolder risks, guys start showing up until you’re juggling love interests. People are naturally drawn to confident people, and it’s a rush to be around women who are inspiring and courageous with action-hero qualities. So it’s no surprise that you’re attracting more love interests who want to soak up your infectious self-esteem. But you’re no lovestruck heroine on a desperate quest to attract a man. You know how to cool it and line up your priorities.

Sign 4: You have your doubts

Having a crisis of confidence doesn’t make you weak; it makes you human. It’s easy to get swept up in the adrenaline of combat, but it’s also important to recognize that you won’t always feel sure of yourself and your decisions. There will be times when you’ll really doubt yourself. Don’t run from those feelings. Fighting through them—often with the help of family and friends—is a battle not unlike overthrowing a corrupt government or vanquishing an evil foe. The best strong female heroines acknowledge their fears and work through them to become stronger and more compassionate. You can still be a strong female heroine and feel uncertain. It’s overcoming those moments that truly makes you bolder and more unstoppable than ever.

Are you becoming a YA strong female heroine?


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