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3 Hot Looks Young Adult Heroines Wear Well


young adult heroinesLast week I talked about the young adult heroine makeover, so it is only fitting to take a closer look at the hot looks a young adult heroine is sporting these days. Disclaimer: as I am not a fashion correspondent by trade, this will most definitely be a tongue-in-cheek exposé!

Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games


Leopard spots are passé when Katniss steps into the woods to let loose a deadly arrow. This soft and supple leather look is paired with a simple shirt and fitted trousers for a layered effect that exudes practicality. A leather forage bag completes the outfit. Remarkably, this fabulous jacket is molded to perfection despite being a hand-me-down from Katniss’s father.

Katniss Everdeen, Young adult heroine outfits


The work of a budding celebrity is never done, and Katniss rocks this look by continuing her love affair with leather. This time she has opted for a beetle-black, glossy finishperhaps influenced by her foraging days? The stunning addition of trailing flames hints at her all-consuming power to spark a rebellion.

Young Adult Heroines Outfits, Katniss Everdeen


Dare to wear it like Katniss in a strapless red silk stunner! But what heroine ever goes out on the town without a secret weapon? Step too close to the extravagant, spinning tail of this playful number and you’re likely to be incinerated. A marvelous example of free expression in silk.

Katniss Everdeen, young adult heroine outfits

Hermione – Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone


In traditional Oxford style, Hermione opts for a tailored look that features craftsmanship and classic lines. Blended fabrics make for forgiving garments that hold up well. Timeless and elegant, the knotted tie adds a splash of maroon to a suitably sober ensemble. Paired with a simple pleated skirt, Mary Jane shoes and stockings, a cape overlay completes this deceptively understated look.

harry potter, hermione, young adult heroine outfits


A simple sweater, breathable and stretchable, allows for easy transition from afternoon stroll to full contact maneuvers. Soft, feminine shapes add a touch of whimsy to an outfit designed for functionality. Boasting the comfort of cashmere and the warmth of British wool, this delightful piece is the perfect complement to every young adult heroine’s wardrobe .

hermione, harry potter, young adult heroine outfits


This opulent ball gown, layered with flirty flounces, is a daring departure for our pretty-in-pink Anglo-Saxon heroine. Reflecting the pastel color palette of spring, this embellished piece offers a delightful contrast to her quintessential dark wardrobe. Reminiscent of the gilded age of fashion, Hermione is sure to be the toast of the Yule Ball.

Hermione, Harry Potter, young adult heroine outfits

Tris – Divergent


Modest, simple shapes feature in this clean, minimalist wardrobe that strikes a decidedly asexual note. Sack-like wool and linen fabrics feature alongside modern, breathable fabrics in the Divergent era. Undoubtedly a New Yorker at heart, Tris sports a stunning array of gray shades, and while the cut may be simple, the stitching is magnificent.

Divergent, fiction heroine outfits


More fitted than Tris’s every day wear, her on-the-job look has twice the strength of cotton and is all about movement and breathability. And few young adult heroines need to be able to absorb and release perspiration as quickly as Tris. Lightweight, and sleeveless, the training tank allows for airflow while flattering the form. The common thread here is the monochromatic color scheme.

divergent, fiction heroine outfits


Seductive neckline, sexy zipper, sleeveless and black, need we say more? No attention to detail was spared in the addition of strategically placed metal rivets that add to the edginess of the look. Off-center seams in the pants give a playful twist to this sophisticated tough chic outfit. For her out-on-the-town look, Tris chooses not to reflect the joy of color, or the levity of print, a fitting choice given the austerity of the Divergent era. Tris rocks the new hairdo that completes this starkly simple silhouette.

insurgent, young adult heroine outfits

What are some of your favorite young adult heroine hot looks?


Divergent, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, young adult heroines

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